The collection’s founding stock was established when Count Silvio della Valle di Casanova, in 1924, donated his private collection of Swabian Impressionist works. Following the destruction of Villa Berg in the Second World War, the »Galerie der Stadt Stuttgart« found new exhibition spaces in the art building at the palace square in 1961. Eugen Keuerleber, who had been curator of the city’s art collection since 1945, chose Adolf Hölzel and Otto Dix as focal points of the collection. From 1986 onward, director Johann-Karl Schmidt added works by internationally renowned artists such as Joseph Kosuth, Dieter Krieg, Wolfgang Laib, Markus Lüpertz, Dieter Roth and K.R.H. Sonderborg. The museum was also able to add important collections as permanent loans: in 1992, the Rudolf and Bertha Frank Collection and in 1994, Konrad Knöpfel-Stiftung Fritz Winter. Under the curatorship of director Marion Ackermann, the Willi Baumeister Archive was allocated, in 2005, new rooms in the freshly completed new museum building. The museum’s latest addition is the Heinz and Anette Teufel Collection, consisting of works of Concrete Art. Since January 1st, 2010, Ulrike Groos has been director at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart.

Bild: Casanova_farb_c3de58.jpg
Bernhard Klinckerfuß, Marchese Silvio della Valle di Casanova, 1925, © Kunstmuseum Stuttgart